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Text translation service

Introduction to the service

From Experts Training we are providing the text translation service.
We know the changes that are taking place both nationally and internationally that are producing important changes in the economy and in the personal part and this forces us to adapt to the new scenario. That is why we offer text translation services, due to the growing need detected by our clients.

Documents traduction

Types of documents that we translate?

The first question we must ask ourselves is what type of documents we offer, for this we can say that we work with different formats, whether they are documents or audio and video files. In a more concise way, the services we offer allow us to translate the following types of documents:
The translation of academic texts allows the translation of research articles and books used in upper secondary education.

The translation of legal texts can be addressed both to foreigners who need to carry out some legal process in a foreign country and to companies.

The translation of all the commercial elements of the company is essential for those companies that want to expand their borders and start in foreign trade and a good translation facilitates the positioning of the company in the new countries to which it intends to go.
< br> Doctors
The medical and pharmaceutical documentation required such as medical journals, medicine leaflets, hospital reports, technical articles, etc.

Whether you are a company or a blogger, it may be interesting for you to translate your website or blog into other languages, as this can increase the volume of visits to your website by benefiting you in the sale of your products or services or in advertising revenues. your web.
We also dedicate ourselves to the adaptation to the language of your meta descriptions, keywords, etc.

Realization of specialized translations for each sector of activity with the nomenclatures most used in each activity to eliminate problems of ambiguities or errors that give rise to misinterpretations of the original text.

We translate those advertising texts such as product catalogs, product files, technical documentation, user manuals, etc. All this without losing the faithful image that is intended to transmit to potential buyers. Also like brochures, mailings, announcements, etc. So that you can communicate your commercial characteristics without distorting or modifying the image of the company. In addition to providing translation support to international fairs and events in which translation is done to attend congresses in your business sector.

We translate all the necessary documentation to start the process of internationalization of the company in a legal and safe way, to understand everything that the process entails and to be able to carry out the legal procedures (Tariff aspects, tax rates, access requests, local regulations, etc.) in an appropriate manner to guarantee the success of internationalization.

Stories and stories
Translation of literary works to be able to position them in other languages ​​while maintaining the faithful image of the document.

It is possible that you want to hire financial services in another country because of the multitude of activities that can be carried out abroad that can offer better financial products than the national ones both from the personal point of view and especially the business sector to get access to grants. or financing contracts for the wide variety of forms of financing.

Technical texts
There is a wide and diverse range of sectors in the economy with professionals and elements with their own characteristics and, obviously, with very different linguistic needs.

Transcribe video to text:
Due to the importance of the use of audiovisual materials, the need to transcribe videos to text with a multitude of precise and adequate details was extended.

Audio transcriptions:
The text translation service also allows the transcription of audios in a concrete and concise way, facilitating the understanding of the translation without leaving room for contextual doubts.

Transcripts of interviews
In the case of companies dedicated to communication may require this service to faithfully translate an interview in real time as well as deferred.

Trial transcripts
In the case of requiring trial transcripts, we have specialized personnel to transcribe everything that happened during a trial.

Transcripts of presentations
If you participate in a presentation or congress you can hire the translation service to transfer everything you intend to communicate to your audience.

Transcripts of press conferences
In the case of the media, they may require transcripts of press conferences to facilitate the understanding of the information to their interested parties.

Academic or professional certificates
One of the fields that has become more internationalized is the labor field and the academic one since to be able to study abroad or to work outside the country in which the studies were carried out it is necessary to translate the study certificates to verify the academic formation of the interested.

Contracts and assignments:
Contracts of both workers and other companies, so many employees will know all the legal aspects that must be met to work in the company and the relationship and commitments acquired in a contract with other companies.

Tourist Translation:
The tourism sector is the one that is most affected by language differences I feel companies that range from restaurants, travel agencies, hotels, motels, among many others.

Among many others.

In summary we can say that we focus on both professional and personal work.
The text translation service is customized to the technical language of the company and the type of document that is required to translate, all this considering the type of audience that will read the translated documents, the work schedule, deadlines and budget.


What languages do we translate?

We specialize in the translation of the following languages:

Spanish - English
Our English translators have worked extensively with the academic world doing translations of academic research and theses for congresses.
In addition, translation works of stories, advertising, emails, among many others are carried out, since it is the most important language in the world.

Spanish - French
Our professional French translators have carried out translation of medical documents, advertising and stories from Spanish to French and vice versa, with excellent results, in addition to all the documents mentioned previously

Spanish - German
German translators specialize in formal and informal documents with native staff specialized in the translation into German and Spanish of texts for commercial and promotional purposes.

Our translators


The translators we have are licensed translators, philologists and reviewers, native or Spanish speakers, with years of experience in specialized text translation service, each adapted to a specific area of knowledge.
Our clients are diversified companies in several sectors of Spain, Europe and Latin America.
We also have all the necessary elements to deal with translations from different labor sectors.
This allows that the works can be studied from the perspective of the sector, since considering the types of documents that can be translated we adapt so that you can have the final use intended by the document, since it is not the same to perform the translation of a document. academic article that a science fiction book so that the texts are faithful to the original and retain their meaning and style.

Types of translations

Types of translations

Regarding the delivery time, two possibilities are available, depending on the client's needs:
Urgent translations:
On several occasions, deadlines can be shortened in a business, or a legal or medical document, so shortening the time to dispose of translated documents is essential for clients.

Normal translations: In which once the customer opts for this service, we set the delivery date to a specific day which will depend on the volume of the text to be translated.

Translating documents

In the case of the required document we can send it to its destination in two ways, or through an email with the document in PDF or on a physical medium through a messenger, we will adapt to the form be more comfortable.
The attention we offer to the client is completely personalized through the project manager who will supervise the request and refer it to the translator that best suits their needs.

Contact information


If you are interested in contracting our services you can do it through email:


We are precise, fast and reliable and trust our translators to have their translations translated into high quality linguistically, technically and culturally.
Of course, any information you send us is protected by confidentiality rules.