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Training for companies
  • Training for companies

    Training Service for companies.

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Training for companies

Experts training is a benchmark of online continuing education for professionals at the business and academic levels.
The training programs that we have available are constantly updated and combine practical training with the theory needed to develop skills in students and who can carry out their own projects.
Experts training has excellent professors for each of the specialties, all of them outstanding professionals from academia, administration and private companies. The quality of our courses and the satisfaction of the students are a priority in our training work. At the end of each course, the participants complete an evaluation questionnaire that allows us to measure the degree of satisfaction and use this information to introduce improvements in the successive calls.

Learning model

Our learning model employs modern management techniques that transform professional activities, companies and society as a whole.
The methodology we use is mainly focused on the student with the sole purpose of offering a satisfactory training experience and this can only take place when we adapt to the needs of the students by practicing the skills and competencies that have to obtain and develop by increasing the productivity of the student. student and his self-learning so that he can develop his knowledge and innovation.
But not only we focus on individual skills but we also make the student work in a group and, above all, focus on the solution of problems, both individually and in groups. All this is done through the supervision of one of our teachers who is responsible for designing, supervising and managing student learning to ensure learning.
The learning proposal we carry out takes into account formal learning models, where they will study the theoretical-practical advances in the field of work in which they specialize supported by a collaborative informal learning model, in which students learn to collaborate with each other and Share your knowledge and create it.
The essential thing is that students learn to find solutions and solve problems in an efficient and practical way.
For this reason, the training for companies that we offer is oriented to the needs of each company, obtaining a unique and completely specialized training to the daily situations and diverse eventualities that may occur in the organization itself.
Getting a solid learning and accumulation of real experience for each job, getting that once completed the training quickly becomes benefits for the company.

Areas of knowledge

The areas of knowledge that we have today are of various kinds since we have professionals and teachers from many academic fields. Among them we highlight:
Within the administration we find courses oriented to the financial field, human resources, marketing, private and public administration, taxes, production, among many others.

Within the training services for companies, we highlight the courses aimed at veterinary medicine, the environment, sustainable development and biology.

Within the area of culture we have teachers philologists and philosophers of various specialties that is why we specialize in philosophy, theology, sociology and philology courses (Both in Spanish, English, German, German and Japanese philology).

As for languages, we have specialized in several languages ​​such as English, French, Italian, German and Spanish (for foreigners) preparing students as commercials in those languages ​​or as translators and scientific researchers who can represent the company abroad.

Considering the academic and formative importance of research, we have developed specialized training for training centers in the field of qualitative and quantitative research.

In the technological field, we offer basic computer and programming courses for all levels that companies may require.

The health courses are oriented to aspects such as psychology and the study of diseases and nutrition.

In Law we have specialists that will allow the professionals of the companies to be constantly updated before the legal changes they may suffer, all of which is specialized by country.

Proyectos a medida para tu empresa

Experts Training has been offering its training services for companies of all branches of activity for 6 years. We offer you integral training solutions, we adapt to the training needs of your company and combine for our courses methodologies and formats: eLearning, Presencial, InCompany or Blended Learning.
Companies can choose to train their employees in some of the programs of our extensive catalog of courses in any of the modalities in which we are offering them.
To meet the needs of companies we adapt to their requirements because each employee has different and specific training needs, therefore, we strive to identify them adequately to find the training solution that increases the potential of workers improving productivity and efficiency. the company.

We help the growth of people and companies

Considering the current situation of the company and the strategic planning of it, we advise on how to improve the competitiveness of its human capital. By adapting the training to the needs of the company will increase the chances of success in the implementation of business strategies and adaptation to the general and specific environment of the organization.

Personnel recruitment service

As a training complement within our services we can offer the staff recruitment service.
In which we can offer the publication of jobs of companies that are formed with us so that you can reach a greater number of interesting profiles for companies.
In addition to the students of our standard training we can provide them with their available jobs so that the most advantaged students can access these offers and so the company can have a better image of the professional profiles that we have.
We can also offer the possibility of carrying out the attraction of talent and preparation for your future job position by facilitating the incorporation to the company, so that we show our commitment to unemployed young people who continue to strive for employment by facilitating profiles and academic performance in our courses to facilitate the analysis of potential workers and facilitate recruitment by reducing the uncertainty of hiring.


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