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    Learn to invest operating live in the trading room.

Trading room

Introduction to the trading room

The trading room allows you to learn live through the daily operations of Enbolsa.net traders.
With this service you can learn how to use trading techniques to invest in financial markets with examples of investment in real time.

Objectives of the investment

Objectives and investment philosophy of the trading room

The purpose of the trading room is for inexperienced investors to know the investment system we employ and, through daily routines, help them improve their trading. In general, in all sessions an average of 6 to 10 operations are carried out using different investment techniques such as:


These investment techniques are designed to operate in different types of markets (market timing) with which you can have different opportunities to invest throughout the session for any of them.
All this applying the investment philosophy in which we try to carry out operations following the trend, increasing the chances of success.

Investment techniques

Trading techniques and market timing

In order to carry out an intraday operation, it is necessary to be synchronized with the behavior of the market, therefore, the timing of the market must be taken into account throughout the session.
All this to know the feeling that invades each financial asset and to be able to select the investment technique best suited to each situation in order to increase the probability of success and with this the return on investments. For this purpose, this type of analysis is used to detect the main trend and determine if the asset is in an impulse or in a corrective process.

In investment sessions, you can usually practice around six investment ideas, all of them focused on considering the main trend and the impulse or not of the financial asset. Using the previous table, we find the MACDENB, VC and the RMO as trend trading techniques.
Meanwhile, for the assets that are in a corrective process the DEP zone, the critical turn and the extreme divergence are used.

Probabilities of the strategies

Probability of success, stop and objective

All operations imply a stop loss level and an objective level for the price if it moves in the direction of the proposed trading or against it.
On the other hand, as the asset is revalued or losing value, there will be partial closings of the operation and active management of the stop, accumulation zones, ... so that little by little you can create your own sustainable investment method. < br> For the realization of trend trading we establish the objective levels of both the backward and the limit of the imupulse using technical standards in order to obtain the highest possible yield with the level of risk established.

Assets to invest

Assets in which it is invested

To select the assets in which trading operations will take place, both the technical aspect of the assets (selecting those that have a higher probability of success) and the more liquid financial assets will be taken into account.
Especially since these assets have lower spread, being very common the operations in the main currencies of the market, the most known stock indices and the main raw materials.

Inversores objetivos

Who is this service for?

The service of the trading room is focused on all people who like trading (without taking into account their level and type of trading or capital available for trading) and who want to learn to invest intraday through the investment techniques mentioned above.

You have to try the trading room

In addition, the subscriber also has:

Access to the videos of the previous trading room so you can review them.
Access to the Community of Traders.
Indicators and library of market technical studies.



Access to the trading room

How can I access the ENB trading room?

If you have not yet tried it, you can request a trial period in the mail.

But, if you have already tried it and want to subscribe to the Trading Room service, request the information you want through the mail:


Free session on Mondays

Every day sessions are planned through YouTube so that all the public can access the trading room for free.
To do this, we recommend that if you want to remain attentive to training events, video analysis, news, participation in the media, among others, we advise you to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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Emplear la sala de trading

How to take advantage of the live trading room?

In this section we will give you some tips to make the most of the trading room.

In summary, the trading room consists of seeing how our group of investors operate in the financial markets live, in real time, through a shared screen where you will see the course of the session minute by minute where we will share investment ideas, operational training and practice.

For this we analyze different graphs looking for possible investment opportunities.

Basically the trading room is a meeting point between investors, both inexperienced and with extensive experience, which allows them to learn to invest and at their own discretion copy the operations carried out by the experts, all with responsibility knowing how much you can risk personally .

It must be remembered that the service allows fans to consult live questions in order to be clarified by the experts at that moment.

In each investment opportunity it will be observed how they have determined the entry price and the asset to invest, as they have placed the Stop Loss and the Take proffit and how they have adequately managed risk and capital.


Frequent questions

Among the frequently asked questions we find the following:

1. What is the schedule of the Trading Room live?
Traders can count on the following operating hours:

2. In what language is the room?
The language of the room is currently in Spanish (Spain), but in the case that there is a linguistic problem can be solved during the session through a simple question.

3. Can I operate from the first day?
In theory yes, but it would not be the most appropriate, because before investing it is better to use a demo account and learn theory and practice.

4. How to access the room?
The room can be accessed through youtube and the platform we use that will have access under a password.

5. What market do you work?
The most liquid markets.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact.


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