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Service description

Service description
The promotion of your business is a service we offer from Experts Training to increase sales and improve the image of your company.

How do we promote a business?

Business promotion in social networks

One of the first and most used tools today is through social media promotion.
The main advantages of this is that using a social network can get thousands of direct and indirect potential customers, for which we would create a profile and perform the necessary activities to get a multitude of contacts and customers interested in the good or service you produce , trying to take care of your public image.  

Promotion through a marketing plan

The development of marketing plans to improve the promotion of your business will not only increase sales, but we will be able to establish alternative plans based on the needs of the company and its current and future situation considering the environment in which business activity develops.
As it should exist in all planning, a plan based on objectives will be presented which will be able to measure the progress of the project and observe whether or not the expected increase in sales takes place.
Among the different strategies to follow we find:

Strategies based on discount vouchers

Sending free samples to real or potential customers

Development of promotional contests


Promotion of the product or service through the website itself through a sponsored link

This is a very effective method for companies because the customer is the one that is looking for you and you do not have to be constantly bombarding it with advertising since he will contact you considerably increasing the probability ratio that will finally occur the sale.
Due to the broad subject matter of Experts Training, it will be easy for us to place your product accompanied by a large amount of complementary material that favors the conversion of visitors to sales.


Realization of a Newsletter with the promotion of the business

We can design a strategy for publishing a newsletter for your business, whether in a virtual or physical business.
In this newsletter we can establish interesting or topical aspects that have to do with the product or service contracted and thus achieve customer loyalty.  

Collaborate with other businesses

Another option is to facilitate communication between companies that are promoting with us to establish a possible joint negotiation in which both companies (without being direct competition) collaborate with each other and support each other.