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Brokers para invertir

The first question that any investor can find is mainly focused on the type of investment brokers that they can use.
There are many of them and they have different characteristics so the investor must investigate properly and establish which of them is the best for his operation.

Process of opening an account

If you are interested in opening an account in a broker, you should not stress too much since the process is easy and in most of these intermediaries is done through the internet and in a very short time you will have available the account with which you can invest.
The steps to follow, generally, are the following:

Fill out the online registration form:

Once you have chosen a broker to invest with, you just have to click on the corresponding link in the above database, there it will take you to its website where you will find the form where your basic data will be requested, maybe select an account type of trading that the broker can offer, the currency with which you want to trade. Finally, you will have to read, be satisfied and accept the contract conditions of the broker.

Submission of documentation:

When the broker requests the documentation, it may vary depending on the broker's own policy but it is usually when opening the account. The documentation they usually ask for is the following:
- Scanned or photographed identity test .
- Proof of address .

Make initial deposit:

Each intermediary may require a minimum deposit to open the trading account.
It should be noted that generally the higher the minimum required for each trading account the operating conditions will be better.
To make the deposit, these brokers accept bank transfers and income through debit or credit cards and paypal.
Once this process is finished you can access the broker's client area, where you can download the trading platforms, communicate with your account manager, access training, etc.  

Regarding the choice of a broker to invest in Spanish, either from Spain or Latin America there are many of them, although it is likely that most are not physically present in all Spanish-speaking countries, this is mainly because brokers usually choose countries that present tax advantages for them, but normally they usually have offices in the Spanish-speaking countries.
However, to choose between one of these brokers, the broker's regulation (FCA, CNMV, CySEC, etc.) must be taken into account and the broker offers support in Spanish (some brokers offer their website in Spanish but in case of that the investor has any doubt the support will be in English or another language.

Types of brokers

Another aspect to take into account when selecting brokers to invest are the types that exist.
They can be classified in different ways, being a common enough division according to the way in which they execute the orders of the investors.
Dealing Desk Brokers, these refer to the market makers because the operations of their clients do not really go to market but are executed in the financial intermediary's own trading desk.
On the other hand, we find the non-dealing desk brokers which send operations to the market.
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